Can You Help?

I am looking for some items about Natacha Rambova, if you can help or have anything to share about her please email:

*Voice Recordings: Natacha lived til 1966, surely a recording of her voice must exist somewhere

*Students: Natacha taught classes for the Bollingen Foundation through the 1950s. If anyone took those classes (or knew someone who did) I’d like to hear your memories of them.

*Father’s family: Natacha was privately close with some of her half siblings from her father’s family (a sister Mary was named in her will). I know only one close relative who knew Natacha is said to be alive, but if anyone down this line has any stories/info/documents they would like to share I’d enjoy that very much

*Egyptology: Natacha did a lot of work regarding Egypt in the 40s and 50s.  Somebody who worked with her (or their descendants) may have some information.

*Design: This one may be more of a long shot but many people Natacha worked with in set/costume design lived long lives (ex: Myrna Loy lived until 1993).  If anyone has any stories/photos/interviews anything related to this I’d be happy to hear about it.  I know some sketches still exist as well, any of these would be of great interest!

*Photos/Dresses: Natacha worked as a fashion designer for her own label in 1928.  I have seen pictures of some of these dresses and many appear to exist.  I would like more pictures/information regarding anything from her fashion label.  I’d also like any photos of her anyone may have in a private collection.

Of course if you have something that doesn’t fit here but is of relevance please contact me anyway!

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